Boon is a freelance Art Director, UI/UX designer located in New York. He has over 15 years experience in art direction, UI/UX, visual design, motion graphics, and marketing.

After graduating with a degree in architecture from the UC Berkeley, Boon entered the world of digital design and computer graphics. He spent the early portion of his career in the Silicon Valley working in digital marketing agencies to being a founding member of Rottentomatoes.com.

In 2006, Boon moved to Hong Kong to join the founders of Rottentomatoes as the creative director of their startup Alivenotdead.com, a social network for artists in Asia and abroad. Since it's inception, Alivenotdead has become an integral platform for up and coming indie artists to be seen and heard. At Alivenotdead, Boon worked with Asian pop icons such as Jackie Chan, Jacky Cheung, and Karen Mok to name a few.

After spending close to 7 years in Asia, Boon has returned stateside. He currently resides in New York. He has a passion for innovative designs and clean functional interfaces. He hopes that his technical expertise and his experience abroad will be an asset to any project he takes on.

Some notable clients Boon has worked with are:

Sony Playstation, 2K Sports, Eidos, ABC, Warner Bros. Rottentomatoes, U.S. Airforce, Disney, Amazon, Oracle, Johnson Controls, Jackie Chan, Jacky Cheung, and Karen Mok.